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Boost Enhancer - Referrals and Stories.

Richard Davis of the Warbonnet Region Porsche Club in Oklahoma City tested the Boost Enhancer recently at the first autocross of the season. Richard says he is usually consistent through all his runs with his stock 1988 944 Turbo S with his best time usually in the first run session. Here are the results.

First run session without Boost Enhancer
Run 1 | 75.77
Run 2 | 74.21
Run 3 | 76.45
Run 4 | 76.91

Average Time | 75.83 seconds

Second run session with Boost Enhancer
Run 5 | 74.36
Run 6 | 74.51
Run 7 | 72.42
Run 8 | 73.53

Average Time | 73.70 seconds

Using the Boost Enhancer resulted in average run times of 2.13 seconds faster. Those of you that auto-x know that 2 seconds is a bunch. Every time you have to build boost from nothing the more you benefit. Let's imagine that you can come out of a corner 2/10ths of a second faster. Let's imagine that are 20 turns on the course. Do the math.

Roy Lovins of Pekin Illinois wrote the following less than a week after receiving his Boost Enhancer: Thank you for a product that works 'better' than advertised! So many after market products perform (if at all) below the advertised level that I hesitated to even try the Boost Enhancer.
I don't race (as mentioned before ordering) so I do not have improvements in seconds etc. I don't need a stop watch, the improved performance is so apparent it is hard to believe! If you come up with anything else... "count me in"
Roy C. Lovins

For a low cost, 5 minute to install modification, the Boost Enhancer gives amazing benefits. I immediately felt the difference. Better throttle response, quicker spool up, more power below 4k rpm. Its now much easier to beat that minivan across the intersection! On previous 0-60 runs timed by my G-Tech, I could never break 6.0 seconds and always smelled burned clutch after a couple attempts. With the Boost Enhancer, I've knocked off a 5.12 sec run, with sub 6.0 runs standard. And because of the added low end boost, I can fully release the clutch sooner and still get a great run, as opposed to the heavy slippage the stock set-up required in order to build up some boost. And the response to the pedal on the freeway makes the car feel like it has a V8 instead of a Turbo 4!.

John Pohl wrote: Once you try one of these simple devices, you'll never go back.
John Pohl
GGR region PCA member, regular auto-x-er.

David Garcia from Albuquerque, NM wrote: I recently installed the Boost Enhancer in my 1986 944 Turbo and I have to say that I was very happy with the results. I now have a much smoother acceleration curve as well as less lag. The boost in the higher gears comes on quicker and it definitely makes my car more driveable in town. Thank you for this inexpensive invention. It was well worth the time (@ 5 min) and money.

Owen Baker wrote: Amazing, best money I ever spent! I'm sure you will be getting a few more orders from Australia in the near future. If anyone else asks you can tell them it appears to work fine on the right hand drive models too.

This was recently submitted on the 951 list from I have now had the Boost Enhancer installed on my 87 951 for about three days and thought I'd post my impressions. Definitely for the price it was a great mod. It does make the car a little wilder because the boost comes on more in the lower gears, so it will take more driver attention to exit corners cleanly. The difference is most notable in the lower gears. When I do an all out launch, the car takes off with authority! I have been running 17 psi for a couple of years but, with the Boost Enhancer I am getting the full 17 psi in all gears now instead of just 4th and 5th. I have to admit I've been driving like a teenager the past couple of days because of the increased torque available in the low gears. There are now some semi-permanent burn out marks on the pavement where my neighbourhood road joins the access road for IH-35. ;-) Wow! I would say this is the single most noticeable mod I've installed besides the original APE chips + boost bolt. I assume that it has a similar effect as Hallman style boost controllers, but the install simplicity and undo-ability is a big plus for me!
Clark A.

e-mail on 13-10-1999

I just installed the Boost Enhancer on my 89 944 Turbo S and I must be honest with you, I can't stop driving my car. Your clever little Boost Enhancer has eliminated my engines turbo lag at just the right gears 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Acceleration is breath taking; just ask my friends at work, they can't believe it. I almost bought Garretts new ball bearing turbo for 2000.00 to reduce lag ... Thank you very much. My friend has a 88 928 and his brother just bought a new 2000 Vette and their Dad has a '93 348 Ferrari and none of them could stay with me on the highway.

Gary Knowles

from on 06-02-2000

Hello Listers:

My mechanic installed the Boost Enhancer on my 89 944 turbo. My car has APE stage II chips and banjo bolt and Stainless Steel exhaust from Powerhaus. I was doubtful that any part under a hundred bucks would make my car faster. Well, I was wrong. I have about 117,000 miles on my car and about 18,000 miles on the engine. Turbo is stock. Using a G-force, I could not get below a 6.1 in the 0-60 no matter how nice or naughty I was to my clutch. Usually the car would just hop or bog down. A perfect launch without wheel spin would always give me between 6.1 and 6.3 seconds.

After installing the Boost Enhancer, I did a 6.9 sec. 0-60, but was well into 4th gear by the time I got to 60. I thought something was wrong. Then I smelled the rubber. I smoked the tires in first, second and most of third. These are 255/40 17s I was lighting up also.

With less throttle, I tried again. This time, I did an honest 5.87 sec. without tire spin. It did bog a little at first and I thought the run would be scrapped. But I held onto the steering wheel, pointing the car in the general direction I wanted to go and Lo and Behold, it flashed in the 5 second range. I slammed the brakes to stop the clock from going to the QTR time. It was flashing 5.87 sec, 0-60.

I really did not get a good launch for my Qtr. mile run, but still did a 14.3 sec at 108.8 Mph. My launch was really slow, but man, from 50 to 100+ was scary. My previous best Qtr was a 14.1 at 103.5. I think if I had done a few more runs, I would have got a lower time. But it is hard to find a Qtr mile stretch in Nashville w/o traffic. They have not paid me to write this. I got no discount and won't get any money back for writing it. I just wanted to share the info with you.

David Gold
89 944 turbo

e-mail on 11-02-2000

I just installed your Boost Enhancer, as the first modification to my recently acquired 1987 951, and it exceeded all of my expectations, simple to install, inexpensive, and real seat of the pants improvement!

Thank You

David Floyd

from 14-02-2000

I just finished installing the Boost Enhancer on my '88 951(50,000 miles) w/APE Stage II chips & B&B exhaust. My "seat of the pants" impression was very pleasing. Boost came on earlier, around 3000-3750 RPM, and did indeed peak out at about 2.0. as well. Boost felt as if it came on more abruptly and pulled a bit harder. I'm sold! You gotta wish all bolt-ons were this easy & reasonably priced. Mike

e-mail on 17-03-2000

Thanks for the quick turn around on my order, ordered Friday, arrived in the UK on Wednesday, quicker than certain items posted from 20 miles away ! The install actually took me 8 minutes but only because I kept burning my hands on the hot engine - not recommended but I was in a hurry to try this out! After only a few days driving with the Enhancer installed all I can say is that my 150,000 mile 1990 951 is now different car, turbo lag gone, quicker on acceleration, more power at lower revs which is ideal for around town and no noticeable change in fuel consumption either ! Thanks for a product that does what is says on the box.

Phil Davies - United Kingdom

e-mail 28-03-2000

I received my 944 Boost Enhancer a couple of days ago... and of course it was pouring rain outside. I felt like a little kid with a new hi-tech Christmas present and no batteries! Well, I must have the patience of a kid because I went straight out to the garage and installed it in less than 5 minutes. Then, I immediately jumped in, started her up, and took off. No more than three minutes later she was parked right back in the garage. It took very little time for me to realise that my '89 Turbo S had just taken on a whole new personality, and I REALLY liked it... in fact, I liked it just a little too much for the rain.

This morning, the sun was out in full force and guess what the first thing was that popped into my head... YUP!, Where are my keys? I couldn't wait to get out onto that dry pavement and head straight to my favourite stretch of curvy roads. Ten minutes later and an uncontrollable smile was permanently etched into my face.

All that really needs to be said is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I have only owned the Turbo S for about two months now. I previously owned a '91 S2 and I have to admit that I was hesitant about replacing it with the Turbo S. I REALLY enjoyed the linear throttle feel of the S2's normally aspirated 3.0 litre. But like many, I was willing to sacrifice the smooth, but average, acceleration of the S2 for turbo lagged, but remarkable, acceleration of the Turbo S. Then you guys came along and now I can have my cake and eat it too! The Boost Enhancer gave me back that linear throttle feel I missed so much. In fact, when driven smoothly, like a Turbo should be, the lag is almost non-existent! No more need for left foot braking!

If you are reading this because you are thinking of buying one for your 944 turbo, I have one piece of advice... stop wasting so much time and get one now before they figure out how much money this thing is REALLY worth and you can no longer afford it! :) Honestly, your Turbo will NEVER be blessed with anything that packs more BANG for your BUCK at this price.

THANKS AGAIN GUYS! and, by the way.... What's Next!

Larry Sang

from 28-03-2000

Hey. A few weeks ago I put up a post asking about the normality of turbo lag with my '86 951. My car has a K&N air filter and Stage II chips. My concern was with seemingly too much lag,(1 to 2 seconds). After the post I received many replies stating that this was normal. I also received recommendations to outfit the car with a Lindsey Boost Enhancer. So I ordered it, received it in four days and installed it. There is now virtually NO LAG. Also, the boost gauge now hits about 2 bar. The driveability of the car is seamless. The power is unreal. If you do not have this combination then I strongly recommend that you equip your car the same. Thanks for all of the info from everyone. And more thanks to those that recommended the Boost Enhancer. Any questions please e-mail me. I'd like to return the favour.

Bill (

e-mail 10-05-2000

Where are your Chips - 1987 951. I recently bought the Boost Enhancer and the response with my 220hp is unbelievable. The Boost Enhancer makes you pay attention when you move from zero, unlike the way Porsche had it. Then again, the car is really dangerous now, but really a lot of fun! ;-) If you guys can improve the performance of the car with that simple Enhancer, what's stopping you from making a chip that truly performs throughout the ranges.

Sherion Grant

from on 14-05-2000

I recently installed a Lindsey Boost Enhancer on my 86' T. I was immediately impressed with the results. The boost comes on much sooner and the car feels stronger all the way to the redline. I have not chipped my car - choosing to spend what little extra cash I have on the suspension. I did have to make some adjustments to the initial set-up - I e-mailed Dave and he got right back with me on the necessary adjustments. It installed in about 5 minutes and is easily removed. I'm looking forward to my next DE and Auto-X to see how it shakes out against my buddy in his "no boost lag S2."

Cincinnati, Ohio

e-mail 15-05-2000

I just installed my Boost Enhancer... WOW.... It really did make an incredible difference. I have stage 2 chips and a test pipe and a K & N filter. I didn't think my car would go any faster!!! My car is a rocket, no lag at all.

THANKS.....Chuck Wagner/Milwaukee,WI

from on 20-05-2000

I love it when something is as advertised. The Boost Enhancer does exactly what it says, enhances boost. Makes my 952 much more tractable and trackable.

Willard Bridgham 3

e-mail 22-06-2000


I have a 1988 944 Turbo and the results you're advertising are not exaggerated. I do very little work on my Porsche, but I did install your turbo Enhancer. It took less than 5 minutes. Prior to installation, my turbo did not kick in until around 4000 rpm. Now my 944 kicks at 3000 rpm, and as long as I'm above 3000 rpm there is NO turbo lag. I cannot wait until my next autocross.

Thanks again,
John Wohlever
Martinsburg, WV

e-mail 28-06-2000

I just wanted to give you some feedback on our Boost Enhancer. I installed it in a matter of minutes, like you explained. Because my car is stock I dialled the BE back two turns. Right from the time I left the driveway the difference was noticeable. It was cool watching the boost start to spike right away!

The BE stopped an aggravating trait in my car - a wavering sensation in the power curve as the Wastegate bled off boost at lower rpm's. The car builds boost and the power curve is more linear and then - BAM - the boost really takes off.

I noticed my top end boost is a little higher also, especially in 4th and 5th gears. All around I think your product is a great one, in performance and style ! (it looks trick).

Thanks, your product is everything you stated it was.... -Ken Kadwell-

PS. I smoked a Camaro convertible on an open stretch of road today, it wasn't even a challenge....

e-mail 24-11-2000

I'm delighted to recommend the Boost Enhancer - it's the best gizmo for the price anyone could get their hands on - and in my 250hp plus Superchip plus Enhancer, I have awesome performance! It does reduce lag (but doesn't eliminate it) and does improve the mid-range. Everyone should try one! Fuel consumption around the same and I'm sure I could have fitted it by myself but popped down to see my mechanic anyway...

Hubert DePelet, London UK

e-mail 02-01-2001

Thank you for sending me a Boost Enhancer. I am very pleased with it - from Peter Millan Birmingham.

Peter Millan, Birmingham UK

from Porsche944 List on 05-06-2001

To all you Turbo owners out there, I have had one of Andrew's Boost Enhancers installed for about a year now with no problems, in fact I have a very reliable car that now performs a good deal better. thanks again Andrew.

Peter Seyour-Howell, London UK

from Porsche944 List on 08-06-2001

Andrew Sweetenham has just fitted a Boost Enhancer to my 86 220 Turbo, it only took ten minutes, and I've just come home from a little testing session along the dual carriageways round Milton Keynes. The difference is absolutely phenomenal, it really starts to accelerate hard from about 3000 rpm upto 6000 rpm and the boost gauge needle was full over to the stop. Previously nothing much happened below 3500 rpm and although it was fast it was somewhat leisurely at times and the boost gauge needle didn't flick across the dial with the same alacrity. If you've been thinking about investing in one, don't think any longer! This is a totally unsolicited testimony, my only connection with Andrew is we both live in MK.

Phil Rowley, Milton Keynes UK

from Porsche944 List on 11-06-2001

I have a 1987 turbo (220 model), chipped, tuned, and refurbished Wastegate. I then fitted a ProMAX Boost Enhancer, yes you will find more improvement. It holds the boost pressure longer, so changing gear you will find the turbo has still got its full boost pressure. Everyone who has fitted a Boost Enhancer will tell you the same. Andrew at ProMAX supply's a Boost Enhancer with a 'return' if not satisfied type of understanding. You won't return it! Pete

Pete Crosthwaite, Oxford UK

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